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— Applied Water Research

Association of Senior Water Experts e.V.

The non-profit research unit “Association of Senior Water Experts (ASWEX) e.V.” was established in 2009 as IAMARIS e.V.. Since January 11, 2013, it appears under its new name and the designation „ASWEX Applied Water Research”. The association is a countrywide organized research network, open for international membership, with its office in Berlin. It aims to promote science, education and research at national and international levels within the area of geosciences and climate research, notably on water and energy flows across the earth and climate systems, in favour of maintenance, sustainable use and recovery of critical matter flows and of both habitat and control functionality of ecosystems. In doing so, also eco- and geo-eco-tech­nological procedures are supposed to be worked out and applied, respectively. (from the by-laws, §2.1)
Activity reports are provided in the Archives; the most recent report may also be found here
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Association of Senior Water Experts e.V.