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The activity of the association may be supported by means of membership or donations . Both membership   fees and donations are tax deductible. Donations without a special dedication inure to the benefit of the association’s general activity, notably of its public communications. Donations which are dedicated to specific projects and research areas, respectively, of the association, will exclusively be spent for this dedication (less a cost-covering management allowance). The research reports provide information in each case about the use of donations. Excerpt from the by-laws (§3): Each contractually capable individual and each entity may become a full member , irrespective of the place of residence, of work, or of the site location, if it is willing and sufficiently qualified to foster the purpose of the association. Full members own a single vote. Individuals, entities, private companies, firms, associations as well as societies without legal capacity (consortia) which intend to promote the work of the association may become sustaining members . Sustaining members do not own voting power. Applications for membership are bound to the written form and must include acceptance of the association’s by-laws. The Executive Board or the General Meeting decide about the membership.
Association of Senior Water Experts e.V.