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Association of Senior Water Experts e.V.
Photo M. Carl ©
Autumn 2019: Celebration of the 10th ASWEX anniversary,  Hitzacker June 2019: 2nd Project meeting KLANDYS association, Wittstock May 25, 2019: Annual General Meeting in Berlin including ASWEX-internal colloquium    March 18–22, 2019: Meteorol.-Conf. DACH, Garmisch-Partenkirchen; Poster, Lecture Dr. Carl Feb. 26  April 03, 2019: High-Altitude Obs. (HAO) NCAR, Boulder, USA; invited visiting scientist: Dipl.-Math. Mende March 07, 2019: 1st Project meeting KLANDYS association, Berlin; Dr. Messal, Dr. Carl February 16, 2019: Workshop at the tosterglope institute of Kunstraum Tosterglope; Dr. Bäuerle Nov. 17  Dec. 06, 2018: Exhibition at the Kunsthalle Oktogon (Hitzacker); Dr. Bäuerle  August 18, 2018: Workshop at the Arche-Zentrum Neuhaus; Dr. Bäuerle   July 11, 2018: B.A.U.M  terminating workshop in Nauen; Lecture Dr. Carl June 30, 2018: Finishing of the BMUB-Project B.A.U.M, ASWEX contributor: Dr. Carl June 16, 2018: B.A.U.M – terminating workshop in Beeskow; Lecture Dr. Carl                               (‚announcement‘ of the strong midsummer heatwave of 2018) May 29, 2018: B.A.U.M – terminating workshop at the State Office for Environment (LfU), Brandenburg; Lecture  Dr. Carl May 27, 2018: Annual General Meeting in Berlin (elections) May 10–21, 2018: „Kulturelle Landpartie“ (‚cultural outing’) in the Wendland; participation by Dr. Bäuerle with his  WasserKlangPfad (‚WaterSoundPath’) April 22, 2018: Seminar at the tosterglope institute of Kunstraum Tosterglope; Dr. Bäuerle   March 11, 2018: Seminar at the tosterglope institute of Kunstraum Tosterglope; Dr. Bäuerle   February 04, 2018: Seminar at the tosterglope institute of Kunstraum Tosterglope; Dr. Bäuerle   January 09, 2018: Peter J. Webster (Monsun) Symposium, Austin, USA; 2 Poster Dr. Carl  January 04–06, 2018: Dynamic Days 2018, Denver, USA; Poster Dr. Carl 
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